MPI Event: Neuromarketing & Events

Beeld & Geluid in The Hague | December 12th 2022

How to implement neuro- and sensory marketing into your eventstrategy?
What can you do pre, during and post event to optimize the experience?

Neuromarketing is a relatively new field in which medical techniques and insights from
neuroscience are applied to the field of marketing.

You could say that Neuromarketing is selling to others through the brain. Neuro from the
brain and Marketing from a sales thought. Because that is an association that people often
have with the word Neuromarketing.

Yet it is much more than that!

Marketers or researchers are looking for answers that help put together the right direction,
policy, progonoses, process or action campaign. In this way they find the insights that help
them in choosing that specific direction, policy, process or campaign. All these insights
provide greater certainty to achieve the intended results in their marketing to consumers
and companies

Neuromarketing techniques are much more widely applicable than you might initially think.
The above has mainly been looked at from a research perspective.
From my own experience as a marketing manager, I discovered that the techniques can be applied in many more areas. Take a look at the following applications:

● Incentivize people to buy products from a particular company in such a way
● Easier team management for managers
● Stimulate bonding with employees and customers
● Creating a value proposition that is always distinctive
● Presenting an offer that touches customers
● Gain insights into your target audience to be able to take the right action
● Understand how people work and how to respond in the right way


December 12th 2022

12:00 - 13:00

Networking lunch & start of your neuromarketing journey

13:00 - 17:00

Deepdive Neuromarketing + sensory marketing (an interactive program with insights, hands-on activities and lots of “aha” moments.

17:00 - 18:00

Bites & drinks + tour Beeld & Geluid

12:55 - 14:30

Online program via Zoom for our international viewers


Bogdan Manta
Facilitator at MPI Event 'Neuroscience & Events'

Lewis Booij
Facilitator at MPI Event 'Neuroscience & Events'

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